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Highly Skilled Therapy Team

Who Will You Find Working in Our Rehab Gym

The key to a successful recovery is our highly skilled and trained LifeWorks Rehab team. This group of therapy experts all come together to ensure you get the skills you need to get home faster, stronger, and healthier than expected. Unlike others who contract their therapy from outside vendors, our therapists are our employees who understand our model and work well as an interdisciplinary team. It’s great to have everyone on the same team.

Physical Therapists (PT):

Physical therapists work with patients to design specialized testing and exercise programs, to improve balance and coordination, and to increase physical function, mobility and safety. Therapy may include:

  • Continuation of post-surgery physical therapy
  • Treatment of orthopedic injuries such as fractures
  • Therapeutic exercise for strengthening How to move from one place to another
  • Teaching the use of walker, cane, crutches and wheelchair
  • Fall prevention training
  • Rehabilitation after a heart attack or cardiac event

Occupational Therapists (OT):

This team assists the patients in developing the skills to take care of themselves when a health problem limits normal, day-to-day activity, such as preparing meals, doing housework, bathing and getting ready. Therapy may include:

  • Exercises related to activities and function of the upper body
  • Training to improve self-care, dressing and activities of daily living
  • Assessment for visual and spatial impairment
  • Home improvements for safety and increased independence
  • Training on the use of adaptive equipment to improve independence and safety during daily life tasks

Speech Language Pathologists (SLP):

Speech therapy helps patients improve their ability to communicate when recovering from incidents such as stroke or other neurological conditions. Speech Therapists work with patients to assess and treat how to re-gain communication, swallowing function, and other vocal impairments.