Ann Graziadei’s Recovery Story

From hip surgery back home fast.

I was an athletic trainer for more than 35 years. When I needed a hip replacement, I did my homework, and chose a LifeWorks Rehab Center. Planning is incredibly important. That is why I pre-registered before coming to the Center. I wanted to be sure I had a plan and knew where I would be. I was able to take a tour and understand my recovery plan. I wanted to know exactly where I would be recovering… everything.

After my surgery, everything was taken care of. My room was ready for me and I had a clear plan for my stay. I had therapy every day and was completely focused on my recovery. I enjoyed being in the gym. I was very comfortable with the equipment and was appreciative to learn so many new things. 

I am thankful to the wonderful staff who helped get me back home so quickly. I would recommend a LifeWorks Rehab Center to anyone.