Mike Repp’s Recovery Story

LifeWorks Rehab helped him get back on his feet after a stroke. Next stop: the tennis courts.

Shortly before Christmas, I was sitting at home on my sofa and began to feel dizzy. I fell from the couch and was taken to the hospital. As it turns out, I had suffered a stroke and was in the hospital for about two weeks. I had problems with balance and mobility and wasn’t able to return straight home from the hospital. My wife researched the rehabilitation centers in our area, and decided that Parham Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center was the best choice.

I had always been very healthy up to this point in my life, and had never needed rehabilitation care. Before my stroke I was playing tennis three times a week. I didn’t know what to expect but I found out quickly that I was in very good hands at Parham Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center. Everyone was very patient with me. The therapists all had a genuinely caring and enthusiastic attitude. They got me up and moving very quickly, and helped me know that I had the ability to overcome what I was going through and that I’d be home before I knew it. And they were right: after only four weeks I was able to return home.

Now that I’m back, I’m driving again and back to enjoying many of the things I was used to doing before my stroke. LifeWorks Rehab got me going where I wanted to be – I’m watching my diet, exercising, and walking frequently, and I’m hoping to be back on the tennis courts soon. I’m very pleased with my experience at Parham Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center, and was so glad that they were there when I needed them. I don’t know where else I could have gone to have gotten that kind of care.