Sue Brinkley’s Recovery Story

LifeWorks Rehab helped get her back home — strong, healthy, and independent.

After spending 26 days in the hospital being treated for a very rare condition called Paget’s Disease, I was very, very weak. I had lost more than 20 pounds while I was in the hospital and there was no way that I could go home and do the things that I needed to do. That’s how I came to be a patient at Salem Health and Rehabilitation Center.

When I arrived at Salem Health and Rehabilitation Center, I was really a wreck both physically and psychologically. They worked with me to build my spirits and help me feel better, as well as giving me the encouragement and motivation I needed to get up and moving. They really knew how to brighten my outlook and they helped me remember that I was there to heal and that I WOULD be going home.

I could not have gotten better care if I’d been staying at the Greenbriar — they waited on me hand and foot and were absolutely ready to help me in any way they could. As soon as I arrived, people started coming by and introducing themselves and making sure that I was comfortable and had everything I needed. They made me feel like a princess!

The head of dining services noticed I wasn’t eating as well as I should and went out of her way to find me a special kind of cheese that I like. It was truly above and beyond what she had to do, but that’s just the kind of people they are. They even put a refrigerator in my room and stocked it with my favorite yogurt! My LifeWorks Rehab therapists and nurses were like sisters to me and they made me feel like part of the family, too. They worked with me every day and kept me focus on building the strength and balance I’d need to get back to my normal life. My LifeWorks Rehab therapists made sure I was absolutely ready and string enough to be home.

They sent me home with all of the strength, skills, and knowledge I needed to be healthy and independent. Now that I’m back home, I can drive my car again and do everything I need to do. I’m even planning to go back to work part-time very soon. I really can’t say enough about the care I received at Salem Health and Rehabilitation Center — I would recommend them to anyone.